Australian Senator catches TikTok in a lie
Australian Senator James Paterson wrote to TikTok on 3 July 2022 following revelations in a BuzzFeed article on 17 June 2022 by Emily Baker-White where he asked if Australian user data is accessible in China to the Chinese Communist Party.
Lord Wei: An overview of UFWD engagement
This report finds consistent engagement between Lord Wei and entities controlled by, linked to or later subsumed by the United Front Work Department of the CCP Central Committee (中共中央统一战线工作部) between 2011 and 2016.
TikTok's excessive data harvesting program
TikTok used in Australia makes connections to Chinese servers, despite assurances to the contrary and reads the clipboard and can determine all other apps installed on the phone.
WeChat misleads Australian Parliament Select Committee
WeChat used in Australia sends user data back to China and runs influence campaigns in Australia paid for by the Chinese government, while forbidding political advertisements and content for regular WeChat users.
Legal practioners conceal client’s CCP ties in Australian Court
There are many reasons why Officers of the Court such as Penny A Neskovcin QC may conceal their client’s Chinese Government links from the Court, and none of them are good.